Midjourney Alamo

AI isn’t going to really photography I made this “Alamo” using one of my original photos as its basis. It generated four choices, and I thought it looked pretty cool. So enjoy it for what it is: just another tool.

I’m Back (again)

After dealing with significant down time and overseas tech support, I am leaving BlueHost. I’ve been with them for over 10 years, and in the last six months I’ve been repeatedly hacked and then held hostage. After paying BlueHost a significant amount of cash to fix the hack and secure the site, I got nothing. …

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I got hacked by some fool.  That should clean things up. To find clues on how to repair the hack I used my  Error logs and, surprisingly, ChatGPT. At five in the morning, I sat in the dark and had a conversation with ChatGPT. Surprisingly, I had a conversation with the AI and it actually …

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