I Felt A Funeral In My Brain

Dr. Wendy Barker
Dr. Wendy Barker

For Professor — 23.

The Final Snow — falls softly down –
The chill of Death —  it  lingers near —
It blankets all — upon the ground –
As Life departs —-but  does it disappear?

The color white —  A Shade of Peace —-
A canvas for The Ending’s Tale 
A gentle hue — that will not cease –
A solemn Shroud for Life’s exhale —-

The White of Death    a Final Rest —
A Quiet End – A Peaceful Slumber –
A welcome Sight for Soul’s distressed —
As life fades on —- (without a Number)

The beauty of the Winter’s White —
The warmth of Spring — It pulls the Wind —
A Symbol – of The End in sight –
As Life departs – without a fear

Though She departs, there’s still A Hope —
A chance — The Soul’s — to learn and cope –
To find The Path that leads Beyond —
And see The Light — that’s always shone! 

So let The Mentor’s white surround ——
And let The Cool of Death be found ——
For in the end — there’s Peace – and Rest —
And in The White, Her Soul —  is Blessed.


Some things will never be the same.

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